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Garage door companies should be able to provide the services you need. Torsion springs slide over the opening. Extension springs are next to it. Local Garage Door Repair Management‘s trained technicians can repair torsion and extension springs with ease.

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The first step in repairing or replacing garage door springs is to know what kind of spring system you have. There are two main types of springs: extension springs and torsion springs.

Garage Door Spring Best Practices

The second spring on a garage door will soon follow a broken spring on the first spring, because the second spring is the same age, has cycled your door a similar number of times, and the spring was made in the same way as the first spring. It is critical to repair the second spring now for a number of reasons. These include saving you the inconvenience and service fee of having a broken garage door again very soon, as well as from a mechanical and safety standpoint. Every garage door needs the right size spring that matches the size and weight of the door. You can determine if the right size spring was used by performing a simple balance test on your door. If the correct spring is used, the door will balance.

Replacing Both Springs – It is safe to assume that if one spring breaks on a garage door, the other is soon to follow. Garage Door Repair Management will usually recommend replacing both springs to avoid future inconveniences, unsafe garage door practices, and damage to the garage door opener. After a long time, do you replace your car’s tire if it blows out? It is very important to keep garages and automobiles in good condition.

Using The Right Springs – Having properly installed garage door springs ensures that the door is balanced properly. Improperly installed springs will damage the garage door system and make the garage door opener work harder. Garage Door Repair Management technicians install the proper springs for the door’s weight and perform a balance test to ensure they are doing the job correctly.

Safety Inspection – With every garage door repair, Local Garage Door Repair Management conducts a free safety inspection to ensure that all moving parts and hardware work. There’s a possibility that your door has worn mechanical parts that are unsafe, since the hardware was probably installed with the springs. A broken door spring may indicate a larger problem. We provide a free safety inspection and a free safety inspection to our customers.

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